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Flower Preservation, Memorial Jewelry, Memorial Ornaments


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Flower Preservation

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Memorial Jewelry

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Memorial Ornaments

"Mom passed away several years ago and MPE did the domes. Recently Dad passed. Sheila is going with a matching dome with a blue rose, picture & butterfly. Bev is having MPE combine Mom & Dad's flowers into a single larger dome with a cardinal, butterfly & pictures."
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Don't throw out your special flowers!

Let Memories Preserved Enterprises (MPE) preserve them in nearly their full size, shape, and vibrant color!

MPE offers freeze-drying and other preservation methods, along with numerous enclosure options.

MPE can also help you display collections, memorabilia from trips, awards, and more.

Why not bring those treasured items out from inside your drawer or closet, and let MPE show you how they can become a real conversation piece for years to come.

We offer custom made cases and shadowboxes in various shapes and unlimited sizes, glass boxes, domes, ornaments, memory boxes, frames in a variety of shapes (including fan, round, oval) with acrylic convex domes, and much more.

Memories Preserved Enterprises is based in Union Grove in Southeast Wisconsin; conveniently located near the Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha metro areas. We can take orders and ship anywhere in the continental United States.

By appointment only

Call 920-849-3664 to schedule an appointment. Evening, weekend and some holiday appointments are possible. Leave your name, phone number and time you would like to come in, plus one or two alternative times that you will be available. You may also email me at We can be reached by phone, through text, email, or Facebook message.

MPE's carefully monitored preservation process will keep your flowers looking much like they did when you received them on that special day.

Memorial jewelry is a beautiful, unique, and thoughtful way to preserve flowers from your special occasions. Our handmade Jewelry is a truly amazing way to preserve your memories forever.

A preserved floral ornament can be a very meaningful gift for a grandchild, daughter, son, niece, nephew or special friends.

We offer numerous frames, backgrounds, enclosures, and design ideas to preserve your cherished flowers and items for years to come.